Storage Units

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Storage Units

Storage Units | Mikes Storage LLC - Sterling, CO

Citizens of Sterling have benefited from the storage units services of Mikes Storage LLC for twenty years and running!

Our storage units are spacious and secure, and you can be sure that we will make one or more readily available to you immediately once you call us. If you need assistance moving your belongings from point A to point B, no problem – we’ve got you covered. Storage professionals from Mikes Storage LLC will arrive on your property at the scheduled time and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Oftentimes, clients trust us to handle delicate, expensive, and extremely personable items. We take pride in being the company you can trust with your most treasured possessions that are difficult to move or store away in your home.

Perhaps the best part about our storage units is the low price we offer them at. At Mikes Storage LLC, we challenge you to find another company in the area that can compete with our rates. You may wonder how we stay in business with such low fees! The truth is, we have accumulated a gathering of clients through the years that have been attracted by our prices, and this is what has made us a prospering business.

When the time comes when you want to retrieve your items from our storage units, you will be dealing with the most communicative and accommodating professionals in the industry.

We understand how frustrating it would be to call your storage service for retrieval and have difficulty getting in contact. After all, your belongings should be readily available to you whenever you please, even if you are using storage units to house them. Rest assured that at Mikes Storage LLC, we are always on call and ready to provide you with full access!

Storage units service is about more than just stowing items away and getting paid for it. It’s about serving customers the way they should be treated – with professionalism and respect. We guarantee that you’re not going to find a better storage company in Sterling than Mikes Storage LLC. Talk with us as soon as possible!